Menstrual cramps are uncomfortable but, in general, a harmless side effect of menstruation. Some people suffer from bad stomach and back pain, headaches and diarrhea while some don’t even notice their period, except the bleeding. If you are not one of those lucky women for whom menses don’t constitute more than emptying the cup, you can ease menstrual pain either through medication or other ways. Usually, the pain can be relieved by painkillers, exercise and, for example, a hot water bottle on the stomach. However, many people don’t remember to pay enough attention to their diet when the bloodiest days of the month...

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How to ease menstrual cramps with nutrition?
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If you’re reading this, you most likely just purchased your first menstrual cup, or you’re at least thinking about it, right? One of your main concerns might be, “how do I clean my cup? Is it safe to use it over and over again?” Don’t worry, menstrual cups can be a little confusing and there’s definitely a learning curve, but you’ll be a PRO in no time!

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How To Clean Your Lunette Cup
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We asked our Facebook fans to share their best tips how to reduce the hideous feeling during the worst menstrual cramps. And what amount good tips we got! Thank you so much everyone, you rock! Here are the tips worth trying. "I still do the exercises I learned in the book my mom bought me when I was a girl so I could learn about my period. One of them is to lay on your back and make circles with your knees. If the cramps are to strong I'll try to find the most comfortable position and try to control...

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PMS - cramps, headache, squeamishness, what to do?
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PMS symptoms, in other words, premenstrual symptoms bother, as the name indicates, just before menstruation, in the menstrual final stage. However, symptoms may occur even after ovulation, and they can be both psychological, and physical. Up to 80% of women have some degree of symptoms, such as depression, irritability, bloating, and different kinds of pain. The cause of PMS symptoms is not exactly known. The symptoms are usually at their worst with 35-45 years old women. PMS symptoms are normal, and only 5-10% suffer from premenstrual syndromes which affect everyday life and consequently demand medication. The symptoms may also effectively...

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How to ease PMS with nutrition?
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