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    The future of period care
    Comfortable, safe, odorless and eco-friendly
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    Keep it clean
    Lunette cups are easy to use and clean


Lunette menstrual cups are easy to use. Simply fold the Lunette and insert. Done! Plus you'll experience up to 12 HOURS of worry-free use.


Lunette menstrual cups are made of soft medical grade silicone and are BPA free. This means no yeast, bacteria or odor. Just cleanliness and comfort.

Sustainable & Vegan

Lunette menstrual cups are designed, developed and packaged with the environment at heart. It’s also the best alternative to disposable period products which pollute our planet.

Lunette blog

When it comes to business, sustainability and responsibility are uber important. Would you choose to support or run a company that dumps ridiculous amounts of waste into landfills, or creates harsh work environments for employees? Hell to the no. And we wouldn’t either! How does sustainability and responsibility in business affect the world? Counteracts environmental issues: we only have ONE planet earth after all. Enhances workplace conditions: equating in happier peeps. Addresses human rights issues: as people, we are all entitled to our rights! Creating Jobs A benefit of running responsibility driven business is providing jobs for people in the area. Lunette is a Finnish brand, and our products are made and packed in Finland, which creates jobs for locals. Another benefit of keeping things local is knowing first hand about working conditions. Since our products are made and packed nearby, we know the production process well, and we know that the working conditions for employees are great. Responsible businesses can also provide particular types of jobs to people who are challenged in finding work. A company called Titry packs our products. Titry is a unique organization that employs people who have disabilities / a hard time getting jobs. Keeping it Très Eco-friendly There are many ways for businesses to keep it green with their products, and eco-friendly in their offices. Here are some things that we do at Lunette: Use recycled materials in the packaging of all of our products. Power the office with renewable energy Recycle in the office. Have an environmentally friendly product! When you use a Lunette cup, you keep 12-24 boxes of organic tampons out of landfills every year! How are you rocking sustainability in your life or, if you’re a #girlboss, in your business? Comment below and share with us!

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Sustainable Strength in Business

Can you imagine being discriminated against, even experiencing violence, simply because you're on your period? Sadly, this is still happening in many different parts of the world: women and girls faced with adversity related to their menstrual hygiene. Picture yourself having to deal with this: - Missing school or work each month because you're on your period. Even being forced to sit still at home and bleed! - Stressing out about over-using pads or not having enough underwear. - Having to use unsanitary materials like cloth, tissue, OR pieces of mattresses because you have zero access to personal care products. - Engaging in transactional sex (i.e. sex for pads) to be able to go to school. The above is the reality many girls face, especially in developing countries. Despite progress made in recent years, girls continue to suffer immense disadvantage/exclusion in the education system for the majority of their lives because they bleed! Team Lunette sees this as an increase in untapped potential and a decline in future girl bosses across the globe. The solution seems obvious: these young girls need access to education. By providing more girls with schooling, it's possible to help not only the girl being educated but the community as a whole. Educated women are: - Less likely to marry early and against their will. - Less likely to die in childbirth. - More likely to have healthy babies. - More likely to send their children to school. This positive step towards change will affect entire communities and ensure that future generations have the chance to make a difference for the better. Our goal is to be a part of this positive change by making sure that girls and women EVERYWHERE have a healthy, sustainable and affordable option for period products. We work with locals, and our aim is to achieve positive, long-term impacts. Are you as determined as we are to change attitudes and prejudices and be a part of the positive change that is happening in the world right now? Give us a shout out below if you're onboard with that!

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A Period Product that Makes Education Possible

It feels great to give back, right? As a savvy woman, with the world at her fingertips, it’s important to stay up to speed on what’s happening to girls across the globe who may not have it so easy. We’ve got to ban together for change! Since the beginning of Lunette, our founder Heli has made charity work a big focus of our mission. Some of our first projects were with World Vision (2010) and Kate Brooks (2012), where we donated Lunette cups to local women in Kenya and educated them on health issues. Why is this important? The most common problem for school girls in Kenya is a lack of sanitary protection. Most girls miss a whole week of school each month because of their periods, and they eventually drop out earlier than boys do. Can you imagine having to deal with this yourself? That idea led us to link up with The Cup. The Cup is an awesome non-profit whose mission is to educate and empower girls living in challenging environments. They do this by giving girls life skill training and access to menstrual cups. For these girls, a menstrual cup means they can stay in school, i.e. no longer have to miss school because of her period! What does Lunette and The Cup do exactly? - The project began in 2015 in Kibera, one of the biggest slums in Nairobi, Kenya. - We provide four one-hour sessions where girls get sexual/health education. They can ask whatever questions they have. - During the session a girl gets a cup, so she no longer has to miss school because of her period. - Since the project started, the lives of thousands of girls have changed for the better. Post session, these girls have stopped missing school because of their periods, and are armed with reliable information about issues concerning sexual health and menstruation. Winning! The Skinny on the Menstrual Hygiene Management Package We also give back via Menstrual Hygiene Management packages. The MHM package increases awareness of health issues and human rights and provides cups to girls in need. The package includes a Lunette cup and hands-on training for girls. The training focuses on the girl’s needs and covers reproductive health, hygiene, HIV, and human rights. Why the MHM package rocks: - Increases gender equality - Improves attendance in school or work - Gives a better understanding of reproductive health and rights - Improves sanitation - Provides savings for women and girls - Reduces waste We find it super important to be a part of the change and create lasting solutions in the world. What are you doing to help bring change to those in need? Share your stories below- no matter how big or small!

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Providing Aide to Menstruating Girls In Need
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