Whether it’s destigmatising periods, disrupting gender stereotypes or protecting the planet, every day we commit ourselves to building a better world. One that’s safe, inclusive and sustainable for all.

Living our values


The world isn’t something we take for granted (because nature is groovy). Preserving it is a responsibility we happily bear and it’s why our cup is reusable and recyclable. We also use zero-waste packaging and renewable energy while encouraging remote work and promoting sustainable activities in every possible way.


We want to liberate everyone from the shame and pain that comes from period stigma. Education is the answer. We help people from all over the world access the right knowledge and spread the message that periods are NOTHING to be ashamed of. This is how we smash taboos, normalise period talk and unlock people’s power within.


Not all women menstruate and not all people who menstruate are women. No matter how you identify, we welcome you with open arms. Lunette is here to provide gender-neutral guidance and support (plus giggles) for all things bodies and periods so you can bleed with confidence.


Over 150 000

Education booklets printed and distributed around the world


Education packs delivered for healthcare professionals every year

Over 30 000

Lunette Cups donated through various organisations

Over billion

disposable period products from landfills and oceans

Changing the world together

We’ve teamed up with some kickass organizations, charities and initiatives, to fearlessly ignite discussions related to reproductive health, give vulnerable people access to safe hygiene and catalyse period positivity around the globe.

Our key partnerships and projects

Our pink “MONKI x Lunette” Cups were created 2015 for our spectacular project with Monki and The Cup Foundation.

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The Cup project started in 2015 in Kibera, one of the biggest slums in Nairobi, Kenya. The Cup educates girls, helps them with their changing bodies and provides them with a menstrual cup.

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Teaming up with Fida International, Lunette is honored to be part of a comprehensive Menstrual Health Management package in Mwanza - where local boys and girls receive training on puberty, reproductive health, menstrual health and menstrual cup use.

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Lunette celebrates love and equality for Pride every day, but were able to really support the cause this summer by donating 5 € to Seta for every piece of Pride Diamond Vulva jewelry that was sold.

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Partnering with Planned Parenthood since 2016, Lunette has been excited to get involved through online fundraising events, campaigns and the distribution of menstrual cup education kits.

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Lunette is part of the development of SustainablePeriodProject.org. This World First collaboration provides free downloadable presentations, resource kits and education on reusable and sustainable hygiene options to schools in Australia and New Zealand.

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Together with FELM, Lunette celebrated International Women’s Day for the entire month of March 2018, donating 1.000 € to FELM’s Botswana project, as well as Lunette Menstrual Cups to two lucky winners every week.

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A celebration of love and hope, Lunette was thrilled to participate in the Skid Row Carnival of Love in January 2017 & 2018, where we ensured that menstruating people who were experiencing homelessness had access to safe period care products.

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Project Consent began as a simple statement to open up discussion of a consent-based culture – as opposed to a culture where rape victims are stigmatized and sexual assault is swept under the rug. Lunette helped by donating 10% of their US online store profits from March 15th-22nd.

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As a key sponsor for PeriodCon 2017, Lunette was able to donate products and provide education to young menstruation activists.

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