Tired of seeing those period commercials that show us how absorbent their tampons or pads are from a blue liquid representing our period blood? (they’re SO OFF if they think our vaginas are producing that color). Okay okay, in all seriousness, I don’t think I’ve ever been able to relate to a single one of those period commercials, have you? If I’m wearing a pad and doing yoga at the same time, there’s absolutely no way I’m going to feel fresh and comfortable, and I’m definitely not all smiles during my period week! If tampon and pad commercials were honest,...

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Period ads are out, REAL MENSTRUATING HUMANS are in
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Can a period product be a feminist choice? Yes it can, and we’ll tell you how. We get it. Not everyone experiences their period in the same way. For some, being on your period is not at all a positive experience. Obviously, the team members at Lunette are proud of ours periods and we are happy to celebrate our bodies ability to menstruate! (Fun fact: Not all bodies menstruate. And not all people who menstruate identify as women.) Periods are red, not blue. Period blood is red. Period. You don’t need to shame your periods. Approximately one billion people are...

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Can a period product be a feminist choice?
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