Interview with Queen C*nt – Sacred or Profane?

China Blue Fish and Deborah Antoinette have created a spectacular show that encompasses feminism, breaks menstrual taboos, and brings laughter to our souls. From the Virgin Mary to Frida Kahlo, Queen C*nt will not disappoint! Get to know them a little more below!

How would you best describe yourselves?  

We are China Blue Fish and Deborah Antoinette Ward, two spirit beings made flesh around 30 years ago. We’re the kind of feminists that have mens rights activists cowering in an angry ball of privileged bile, morphing steadily into compassionate care-bears.

Why did you choose to write and perform this show?

We wanted to channel the fire rage within us into a creative, colourful explosion of feminine power rising!

Can you give us a run down of the show? 

You enter a surreal world with a carousel of characters who are – in some sense – all aspects and voices of ourselves that have been brought into the limelight. Reclaiming the body in the face of the patriarchy through a dark and absurd set of characters requires a healthy dose of blood, guts, and ovaries!

How did you pick the certain characters/real life people that are in the show?

The Serpentine Priestesses are our response to the demonisation of women's sensuality; Frida found us through her poetry & painting – a character that yearns to speak of women's creative power; The Virgin Mary called to China to stick it to the rigid concepts of motherhood; The Old Ladies were a voice we discovered to speak about pornography from a new perspective, illuminating the misperceptions of love in modern sex. To meet the rest of our characters, come see the show!  

Why did you choose to partner with Lunette?

We have a sketch in the show where a menstruating human at an award ceremony makes a toast to her menstrual cup for its potential to end period poverty. It made sense for us to partner with a menstrual cup company that shares our desire to end period poverty whilst helping the environment too. Lunette's motto is the power within, and we want to enable all humans to harness theirs! We loved that our aesthetics align – we love pop art colour and we never knew you could pop a pop art colour up our vaginas! Periods can be fun too right? It’s a party in your uterus!

What do you hope to achieve by performing this show?

By the power of c*nt-centric theatre, we hope to change the world of course! When the audience step out of the theatre, a revolution will be well under way and a new dawn of respect, equality, humanity and compassion will have arisen with the colourful sounds of laughter and lunette cups popping, creating a harmonic backdrop to this new existence. What a great day that will be. You are most welcome x 


We are hosting a GIVEAWAY on our Facebook and Twitter channels and giving away two tickets to attend the Queen C*nt - Sacred or Profane? comedy sketch show to ONE winner!

Added bonus: we're also including a Lunette cup in the prize! 

Must be living in the UK to participate.

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