6 First-Period Stories You'll Most Likely Relate To

By: Allison Waldbeser


From soccer games to period stains, here are six first-period stories we thought you would get a chuckle from, because who doesn’t like to hear about other people's period stories?

How come this tampon won’t go in?

“It was the morning I had to go to a soccer tournament and I didn’t want to wear a pad,  so I had to try to figure out how you put in a tampon. My mom was standing outside the bathroom trying to explain it to me and I think I was yelling at her! I definitely didn’t put it in the right way until the third attempt...and I’m pretty sure we were late to soccer.” – Cammie

Celebrating your first period at good ol’ Starbucks

“I didn’t tell my mom for four days, I was in 7th grade and used panty liners (like four together to make a pad) because that’s all I could find and I was too scared to try a tampon, and when I finally told my mom she took me to Starbucks to celebrate.” – Aubrey

Poop or blood?

“I got my first period when I was around 11 or 12. I was out with my grandmother and when we got home I went to the bathroom, pulled down my pants, and was like “Um...whoms’t??” because there was a big brown stain in my underwear! I honestly thought I shit my pants and just didn’t realize it while we were out. So I took my underwear and went downstairs to show my grandmother. She FREAKED and called my dad telling him how I got my period and he needed to come home. I panicked and texted my mom. She said “Yeah probably your period. Don’t freak out. Text your dad to get you some pads, you’re fine.” And that’s the story of my first period!” – Isabelle

When you and your bestie are on the same cycle

“My parents were away and my uncle was babysitting me, my brother, and my cousins. I went to the toilet oblivious to what was happening. To my surprise I found blood in my pants and freaked out! I knew vaguely of periods but felt very unprepared. I messaged my girlfriends for reassurance, and I discovered that my best friend had also started that night! We couldn’t believe it and both went through the stress together.” – Leah

Bloody family vacation

“I started my first period at 14 years old. I was on holiday in Spain. We were by the pool, and I went for a wee, and then noticed in my swimsuit something weird and brown. I asked my mum about it and she said it was my period. So we sent my dad to the local shop about a 5 minute walk away to get me some pads. My sister is seven years older than me, so luckily my dad knew what he needed to buy. If it hadn’t started on holiday I don’t think it would’ve been so memorable.” – Abigail

Saved by the mud

“It was the 3rd of October of 2011, and I was at a festival with my family wearing WHITE shorts. I happened to sit on a dirty chair and got my white shorts stained by mud. This actually hid the first vestiges of my first period, which I noticed when I got home and went to the toilet.”  – Dory

What was your first-period experience? Was it funny, scary, exciting, or all of the above? Let us know in the comments below! :)


I was 13 when I realise I started so my cousin came over and we all when to the park then I sat on the swing Nd I look and I Felt somthing wet then when we go home I check Nd I started my Surat leriod I was so happy

Tanyaxi March 04, 2021

Hi and thank you for sharing your story about your first period!

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Lunette Menstrual Cup July 17, 2019

So, I was at my aunt’s house on 1st April 2018 when I first got mine. And no, it was not an April Fool’s prank. I was watching Netflix when I needed to go to the toilet. So I went and pulled my pants down and I noticed red. I thought I had cancer because I’d seen those ads about finding blood in your urine. I started crying and screaming for my mum and she came running upstairs. I told her I had cancer and showed her my underwear. Then she burst out laughing. I was like, “MUM, THIS IS MY LIFE AT STAKE!” Then she told me that I had my 1st period. She gave me a fresh pad and my aunt came upstairs as well and gave me clean underwear and clothes. Once I’d changed I came downstairs, only to see my mum texting and phoning EVERYONE I’d gotten my period! Total embarrassment!

Ali July 17, 2019

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