How To Clean Your Lunette Menstrual Cup

If you’re reading this, you most likely just purchased your first menstrual cup, or you’re at least thinking about it, right? One of your main concerns might be, “how do I clean my cup? Is it safe to use it over and over again?” Don’t worry, menstrual cups can be a little confusing and there’s definitely a learning curve, but you’ll be a PRO in no time!

With proper care and a quick clean, your Lunette cup can be used over and over again – for several years!

Menstrual Cup First Use

First things first, wash your hands and clean the Lunette cup by washing it with water and a mild liquid soap free of coloring agents and perfumes. We recommend using our Lunette Cup Cleanser that smells like eucalyptus and is chemical free, making it completely safe for your vagina and pH levels.

After you’ve washed both your hands and cup, boil it (yes, like in a pot) in water for 20 minutes before first usage. Make sure that there is enough water so that the cup does not burn on the bottom and it can float!

Pro tip: place the cup in a wire whisk to prevent contact with the bottom of the pan during boiling.

For day-to-day cup cleaning

As we mentioned above, we highly recommend using our Cup Cleanser that is designed for washing a silicone cup. However, if you don’t have access to our cleanser, make sure to use liquid soaps that are fragrance-free, oil-free, and have a mild to acidic pH level (between 3,5 and 5,5). Just be sure it doesn’t contain any oils – they can stick to the cup and create a film that could irritate the body. Also, do NOT use dish wash or detergent – and most definitely do not put your cup in the dishwasher!

We advise boiling your cup for 20 minutes between each menstrual cycle to keep it fresh and clean, but if you forgot or didn’t have time to boil it, you can sanitize the cup with our handy Cup Wipes, or wipe it down with rubbing alcohol. Once you get home, make sure to boil that cup for 20 minutes!

How to get rid of lingering odor

Yes, your cup might start to smell if you don’t take proper care of it. How do you prevent your cup from smelling? First off, know that just because it smells doesn’t mean it’s dirty! We ALL have different bodies, which also means different body odors ;). We can't emphasize this enough – boil your cup for 20 minutes every time BEFORE and AFTER every cycle, rather than 10 minutes.

You can soak your cup in spirit vinegar for an hour. Always remember to boil your cup for 20 minutes afterwards to remove any residue!

The best way to get rid of menstrual cup stains

When you rinse your cup, remember to always use cold water to avoid staining it! If your cup is already stained, let it sit under the sun for a couple hours, or soak it in spirit vinegar or lemon juice and boil it for... you guessed it, 20 MINUTES!

Cleaning the menstrual cup air-holes

  1. Wash your hands and leave the warm water running.
  2. Fill the Lunette menstrual cup with water. 
  3. Place your palms over the wide end of the cup so that it is covered. 
  4. Squeeze the cup so that the water is forced through the suction holes.

 You can also use a blunt toothpick soaked in rubbing alcohol, or a toothbrush dedicated to this purpose. Do not use sharp items such as needles or pins on your cup, they will do more damage than good!

The most important tip 

Always wash your hands and make sure your finger nails are clean and always boil your cup for 20 minutes before and after every cycle! If nothing else, remember that! 

Read more on our cleaning page! Or check out our full range of cup cleaning products.

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