Top 12 Reasons to Use Lunette Menstrual Cup

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Women who use Lunette menstrual cups are sold on this innovative product. Amazingly, not everyone knows about them. It's sort of like a tampon in concept, since it is worn internally, but it collects rather than absorbs blood - and it's reusable. For someone who is unfamiliar with this unique concept in feminine care, the differences could be enough to cause reluctance. For some, this difference is disconcerting. We don't want you to miss out.

So if you'd like to know what makes it better than traditional tampons and pads, here are the top twelve reasons to use Lunette. The reasons are all so great that they can't possibly be ordered by importance.

Top 12 Reasons to Use Lunette cup:

  1. Convenient: Because a Lunette can hold much more liquid than a tampon, it only needs to be emptied 2 to 4 times per day during normal flow, so the times you have to deal with it are less frequent. How much does Lunette hold compared to tampons? 
  2. Easy to use: It's similar to using a non-applicator tampon. Simply fold, insert and live your life. For the nitty-gritty details, click here.
  3. Hygienic: With tampons, fibers can be caught in the vaginal canal upon removal, a factor that could potentially lead to TSS (toxic shock syndrome). Since Lunette is made of a high medical-grade silicone, there are no fibers to be left behind. (Learn more about TSS here.) If you're not convinced about left behind fibers, check out this video.
  4. Clean: Another benefit of the composition, is that silicone is not a bacteria-friendly environment. Pads create a stifling, moist environment that is a breeding ground for yeast infections, bacteria and odor. In comparison to tampons, blood stays in the cup, no wet strings to be felt.
  5. Natural: Tampons made from non-organic cotton may contain pesticides. Major brands are known to contain anti-microbials, dioxin and use bleach in the production process. These chemicals are surely at a trace level and we cannot know the level danger they present. But it is nice not to have to worry about chemicals being introduced and held close to your vaginal membranes.
  6. Economical: No need to purchase supplies every month. The average woman spends approximately $84 + per year on disposable tampons and pads. The Lunette is a one-time cost that will last for years. In fact, it pays itself back after a few months. Really, wouldn't you rather spend your money on something else?
  7. Eliminates the need for multiple kinds of femcare products: The Lunette menstrual cup can be worn at any time in your menstrual cycle, during your heaviest and your lightest flow, day and night. Therefore, no need for products tailored to particular flow needs. It also eliminates the need to have "supplies" on hand at all times during period.
  8. It doesn't dry you out: Are you familiar with that horrid feeling that happens when you pull out a dry tampon? Just thinking about it makes my toes curl. A tampon's absorbency can dry out the mucous membrane by over-wicking natural moisture. The Lunette cup does not disrupt the natural lubricating ability of the vagina or interfere with the natural process of shedding menstrual blood, dead cells and bacteria.
  9. Safe: We've taken great care to create a product that is safe to use. Lunette is listed with government health agencies in the United States (FDA), Australia (TGA) and we've recieved the prestigious Key Flag Emblem in Finland, a certification give to the highest quality of Finnish products. For further piece of mine, there have been no reported cases of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) in connection with the use of any brand of menstrual cup.
  10. Environmentally Friendly: A Lunette is an eco-thing. It will last for years and generates no waste – no accumulation of plastic applicators, wrappers or bio-waste from used tampons and pads. In fact, the Lunette box and enclosed informational material is made from recycled paper. In Finland, the Lunette menstrual cup is produced in a factory that gives priority to environmental issues.
  11. Lifestyle Friendly: The Lunette menstrual cup can be worn during sports and other physical activities, just like a tampon. Not to mention, no risk of a string peeking out of your bikini bottoms at the beach.
  12. Intimate Benefits: And there are extra benefits to having no strings: sleeping naked is loads more comfortable, and cups are so discreet that your partner won't notice a thing during oral sex.


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