If the first thing you reach for is the ibuprofen bottle when your period cramps come back to haunt you, then you’re doing it wrong. We get it, sometimes period pains, also known as dysmenorrhea, can be uncontrollable and you’d do anything to make them stop – but there are better (and healthier) ways to ease that pain. Unless you want a damaged liver, avoid the prolonged medication side-effects caused from painkillers and make your tummy happier with these 5 natural remedies. Vitamin D and Nutrition The key to a less painful menstrual cycle is to make sure your body...

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Top 5 Natural Ways to Deal with Period Cramps
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When it comes to healing my body, I have one rule: try natural remedies first. A few years ago, I didn’t feel this way. I would be the first one to pop an ibuprofen for a headache or head to the doctor at the first signs of a cold. I didn’t really care how I felt better, I just wanted whatever was going on to stop. The same was true when I had my period—accompanied by cramps that had me doubled over in pain. I just wanted them to stop. If you’ve ever experienced painful menstrual cramps, I know you...

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5 Essential Oils that Ease Period Pain
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